Strategy Room Photos

Strategy Rooms

NextWave Media Lab offers two different meeting rooms to evolve your business and creative ideas, wow your clients and/or motivate your team.

Plan, strategize and execute plans and either one of these fantastic meeting places. 

The Conference Room is spacious with a perfect combination of natural and florescent lighting.  It comes complete with a white board, Large round table with comfortable seating for about 20-25 people. The space also includes a 14’ screen and projector that connects to any computer, perfect for that power point presentation. And for those long distance business relationships a loud and clear speaker and phone for group conference calls and a skype hook up for the overseas meeting.

Our other meeting room has a more cozy setting while still maintaining a corporate presence.  The lounge, with its large marble table surrounded by comfortable chairs and couch seats up to 15 people. It comes equip with white board, grand piano, beautiful decor and an attached enclosed kitchen.

Both of these rooms are sure to fuel excitement, inspire creativity and propel execution of whatever you are working on.  Let us know which environment is right for you and your team.