Past Events

June 8, 2012

Paul Miles: Spirit of Humanity Part II

PAUL MILES IS AN ORIGINAL! Mr. Miles & band performed his “Spirit of Humanity Part II” show in front of a live audience at the NextWave Media Lab to accommodate his forthcoming CD/DVD. Paul Miles put his signature “stamp” on the evening by introducing a number of inspiring original compositions! Had that “DETROIT SOUL (we got it)” attitude throughout! Paul picked a great group of players to back him where he could get the best musical MILEage in this Motor City! Robert Reeves - Sax; Chrissy Morgan, Amber Williams - backing vocals;  Emily Rogers - Bass;  Ken Murphy - Drums; Ann Hubbarth - Emcee; and ALL the amazing techs at NextWave!!

May 19, 2012

Tabla Solo Recital: featuring Pandit Ashis Sengupta

Tabla and Harmonium solo.  Indian Classical instrumental music featuring Pandit Ashis Sengupta - Tabla, accompanied by Shri Vinay Mishra - Harmonium, and Shri Hemant babtiwale (Disciple) -  Tabla
Pandit Ashis Sengupta is a versatile percussionist of the Banaras gharana. He received his initial training from his father Shri Ranjit Kumar Sengupta and was later groomed by Pandit Nanku Maharaj, Pandit Mahapurush Mishra and Pandit Krishna Kumar Ganguly.

May 4, 2012

Sonic Boom Concert Series

An explosion of Art, Media and Technology. Participants network and engage sharing  knowledge, talent, ideas and products. The May 4th event featured live performances from Jeremy Bender, Illusion, Paul Miles, E.R. and 1592. Pep Talk gave an uplifting presentation about gratitude.   Video showcases from Nadir and Paul Miles. Featured products included CeeJay Designs, Grip Studios, D Tour Designs, Little Blondie Mics, ReKawl I Phone Application.  Catering provided by Pep Events. 

February 15, 2012

4-H Workshop

4-H is the youth development program of our nations Cooperative Extension System, locally
brought to you by Michigan State University Extension. We teamed up with 4-H youth counselor
Christy Hicks to create a workshop for the members of the Green Tops 4-H Club, 4-H Youth Leadership Institute, and the Ortonville Entrepreneurship Explosion.  This workshop was designed to immerse our4-H’ers in all things business; participants networked with one another, met with professionals in the fields of business, robotics, video and music production, and studied the importance of setting and sticking with their goals and ambitions.
We at NextWave enjoyed their energy so much that we have continued to maintain a monthly
4-H workshop to allow the  group to imagine, create and execute ideas using their skills.

June 6, 2011

Jon Hill & the Wolves

One of the lead actors in Detroit 187, also known as Detective Washington, is not only an acclaimed actor, but he is also an amazing singer/ songwriter and Emcee. Blending styles compared to Maxwell, Prince, John Mayer and Talib Kweli, Jon and his pack of wolves are working on their soon to be released debut album.