While the following is just a small portion of our broad spectrum of video work, it displays a wide variety of techniques used to create the images needed to convey the final message. 

Silkroute - Skylight 

This commercial for Silkroute's Skylight SAAS demonstrates our ability to create animate objects within a 3D space. A combination of After Effects and Illustrator were used to fabricate the images you see on screen. Voiceover work done by Silkroute's own Jason Chapman and animation done by NextWave Media Lab's Chloe Parfitt


Nadir - Go it Alone

The official music video for Nadir's Go it Alone defines the cinematic approach to all digital cinema productions that take place at NextWave Media Lab. Shot on a mid-range DSLR, we were able to achieve the production value of a much higher-budgeted music video and it's quality is that of a major motion picture. Director of Visual Media - Chloe Madison Parfitt used simple techniques aided by a dolly track and camera slider to produce this video's well crafted image.